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Heleen is a Mentor at Rockstart.

At Rockstart we love startups and the people in it. We think they’re great because they are doing exactly what everybody should be doing: find the stuff you really love, believe in and fight for no matter what. And get going. That’s why we love them. 

It’s any startup we love, in any industry, with any product or service. In technology, food, entertainment, transport or fashion… You name it. Keywords: New. Innovative. Great fun. And of course: Belief. Stamina. Staying power. 

Now that’s why we’re building this startup machine. For the people, the dreams, the pain, the struggle, the freedom, the joy…. The lives startup people live, the way they think, how they talk, work, relax and, of course, succeed. And sometimes fail. 

Why we started this? Our beliefs are best expressed in the ‘Step Forward. Start’-manifesto we wrote earlier this year. 

We love startups. That’s why.


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